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Character Bio for Delphic
Name: Vic
Species: Delphox
Age: 19
Gender: ♂
Nature: Timid
Characteristic: Quick to flee.
Held item: Wise Glasses (The glasses he is seen wearing)
Level: Unknown
Moveset: Psychic, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Hyper Beam
Orientation: Poly-amorous Homosexual
Special traits: Spell casting
Body type: Scrawny
Height: 5'8
Personality: Very Timid around new faces but calm and happy around familiar ones, has a tendency to refer to those he cares for with polite terminology, becomes nervous around Ghost and Dark type Pokémon and is always worrying about something.
Likes: Being around friends, Learning new spells, Anything Magical, Befriending people
Dislikes: Ghosts, Darkness, Water, Friends experiencing negative emotions, Bad people, Death
Fears: Non-Pokemon bugs, Drowning, Being hated or attacked by a friend
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Random Crappy Gamzee. o3o :iconvictini000:Victini000 1 5
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OHGODWHAT :iconvictini000:Victini000 2 35
Random Sollux thing. :U by Victini000 Random Sollux thing. :U :iconvictini000:Victini000 7 2 Hacked. by Victini000 Hacked. :iconvictini000:Victini000 8 55
A slow death...
"I'm so tired... but I must keep moving..." I say as I continue to travel. I haven't eaten in days and my life force is wearing thin. There isn't any magma around for me to rest in and the Graveler are watching me like Mandibuzz. They know i'm tired and i'll have to stop soon... I must press on... There must be some magma somewhere on this damn dormant volcano! Why couldn't I have stumbled across an active one... Lava might seep through the thing if there was. Maybe i'll get lucky and this heap of rock will spew magma towards me. But alas... the graveler are coming closer. Probably to beat me into submission so I pass out and become a they can eat...I just wish...I could've lived longer. And had a family... My skin starts to harden and encase me in it's rocky grip. Blacking out my vision as i wait for the cold air to make the rest of me an immobile lump of rock. I just hope there is a pokémon somewhere that will warn the other Slugma who may come across here that there i
:iconvictini000:Victini000 11 169
Latios... by Victini000 Latios... :iconvictini000:Victini000 6 319 Talking Grotle Plush by Victini000 Talking Grotle Plush :iconvictini000:Victini000 3 57

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It was winter when I decied to go to our local pokeadopt centre and get a pokemon to care for.
Pokeadopt centres were full this time of year, and so I went inside- immediately I was drawn to a tiny eevee sitting almost mournfully in the back of a shadowed cage as though all hope was lost.
I peered through the bars of the cage at the eevee, the ones who ran the pokeshelter were a bit hesitant to give him to me.
I had finally convinced them, only because I was adopting the eevee's sister, and they thought it best not to separate them.
I opened the cage a bit nervously and stuck my hand inside. The tiny pokemon shivered as my hand got close, and I stopped.
He looked almost interested, and peered at me cautiously before sniffing my outreached hand cautiously.
The other eevee sat on my shoulder, and squeaked a happy greeting to her brother.
With that he jumped onto my other shoulder. I smiled at the two eevees, and thanked the pokeadopt centre for allowing me to have them.
Many months after
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  • Listening to: the memory of Angus' snoring
  • Reading: the internet
  • Watching: myself fall further
  • Playing: with my own emotions
i disappeared for like a year again ahah, rip.
no real reason other than i dont log in as much?
not much to really say with an update beyond the biggest thing plaguing me right now
i learned, a couple days ago, that im intensely fictionkin with Gregg, from Night in the Woods, so much so that i might, be having more 'ID' feels? but that in turn is sorta stressing me out because when im in that mindset i feel alone and like im having a 'down down day' not too clear given that ive only been aware for a few days now but, it's enough to make me worry. a lot of things around me have been changing for, to me, the worse and everything is just, always in my mind. it's a very, very confusing existence.

though most people i know well either wouldnt understand or arent sure of how to help... it's hard, but im surviving at the very least.


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